Service Delivery Solutions

With higher service demand, an increase in the number of services offered to clients and limited resources, many organisations find it increasingly difficult to provide first-class customer service. In the services industry, competitive differences are in the processes, not the products. Poor customer service costs money. Research shows that poor customer care is the biggest single reason for customers changing their service provider.

What makes service industries so distinct is their immediacy. No customer enjoys waiting in a queue for a service. Matching service supply and demand is vital for success. Because of the intangible nature of a service’s output, establishing and measuring capacity levels for a service operation are often highly subjective.

Our service delivery solutions provide a set of tools to measure, analyse and improve key elements of customer service with a view of enhancing the level of customer satisfaction. They assist in quantifying service delivery capacity and demand, highlighting shortfalls and matching perceived customer experience with measured results.

Our service delivery solutions include:

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