iTrax Service Measurement

A set of tools to measure and analyse service portal performance. Both client interactions and back office processes are supported.

Correct use of the solution results in better forecasting of customer behaviour, improved capacity planning, better utilisation of resources, improved customer handling processes and identification of skills requirements. Value added services include improvement of efficiency through queuing theory principals and simulation, facility layout design and resource optimisation.

The solution is available as a portable, self contained "analysis pack" for fast deployment or as a permanent installation, and provides full functionality for the measurement and analysis of:

  • Customer arrival and departure patterns.
  • Queue profiles.
  • Customer movement.
  • Service transaction profiles.
  • Resource utilisation.
  • Walk-out rates.
  • Measured results compared to customer experience (client perception).
  • Balance between service demand and delivery.
  • End-to-end tracking of processes involving multiple customer interactions.

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