iTrax Web Printing

Enterprises with numerous locations often end up with fragmented labelling systems. Decentralised systems expose companies to risks of human error and inconsistency in labels between locations, which leads to expensive maintenance and compliance issues.

Our Web Printing solutions enable our clients to consolidate their labelling systems and achieve labelling consistency, centralised control and standardised branding. Using their master data as the single source of truth maintains data accuracy, eliminates errors and avoids duplication.


  • Offers a cost effective way to deploy controlled label printing across the enterprise and beyond, to the supply chain.
  • Full control, traceability, visibility and transparency of all labelling operations across multiple locations.
  • Fewer label designs - label templates are portable across 2500+ different printer models and brands.
  • Support for a broad range of linear and 2D barcodes.
  • Compliance with various industry standards, e.g. GS1, GHS, REACH, ODETTE, AIAG, VDA, DoD, UD, etc.
  • Design, audit and security features ensure control and consistent quality of labelling.
  • Improves speed and flexibility in making label changes.

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