iTrax Integrator

The iTrax Integrator system provides rich functionality to automate printing in manufacturing environments, providing full code assurance and code verification functionality on production- and filling lines. All system components were developed using the latest 64-bit Microsoft technology, resulting in unparalleled performance and system stability.


  • Web based user interface - enables visibility and control of the production environment from anywhere in the world.
  • Hardware independent - supports all printer models from all major manufacturers (2500+ different printer models).
  • Initiates all printing devices with the correct information at the time of releasing a production order - eliminates coding errors due to incorrect user input.
  • Seamless integration of PLC’s, palletisers, stacking cranes, sensors, barcode scanners, imagers and most other devices typically found on a factory floor.
  • Interlocks with the PLC to stop the line, raise alarms, etc.
  • Continuously monitors the health of all connected printing devices.
  • Robust, industry standard system database stores and manages all production order, product, pack and label related information.
  • Real-time interface with SAP ERP systems.

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